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One Reason for Regular Roof Inspections

Most homeowner’s never realize their roof has been damaged until they have searched the phrase on the web, “roofing companies in Colorado Springs” and then an inspection has taken place. Likely one of those out of site, out of mind situations. It is for this reason alone you should schedule an inspection by a professional roofing contractor. He will usually spend approximately 20 minutes on your roof in order to look at your roofing tiles for cracking, smudging and nail lifts. The flashing around vent pipes and fireplaces are also important. Hail damage can be found in subtle areas such as siding on the house, window frames or even screens. Calling reputable roofing companies in Colorado Springs will get the best trained inspectors available on your roof.

It is advisable for a homeowner to attempt roof maintenance, looking for any areas listed above in order to promote longer shingle life. You should tack down protruding nails or re-caulk the flashing. This helps but once a hail storm comes through your neighborhood, only the trained eye will observe obvious evidence of hail damage to the roof causing the integrity of the roofing membranes to breakdown. Wind damage can happen literally overnight by finding a weakness in the fasteners and pulling an entire section up. Calling several roofing companies in Colorado Springs will accelerate the process of a roof inspection; if you need to file an insurance claim due to hail damage you will be ahead of all your neighbors and after a hail storm timing can be critical.

Roofing companies in Colorado Springs are very familiar with local building codes

The second reason a roof inspection is so important is because of roofing underlayment. In certain counties it is permissible to re-roof over one layer of old roofing materials. In other counties it is required to remove all old roofing shingles down to the bare plywood decking. The reason most local code requires a roofing company to remove old roofing shingles is that old problems transfer to your new shingles. Once the shingle begins to breakdown, the shingle will allow moisture to penetrate the membranes. If moisture has penetrated the shingle then there is a high probability that the protective barrier (tar paper) needs to replaced. Once that has been confirmed then a thorough inspection of the plywood decking is in order because it carries an enormous weight load. Fortunately, the plywood decking distributes the weight load over a very large area. Your family’s security is directly related to the integrity of the plywood so you can imagine the level of priority most roofing companies in Colorado Springs place on inspecting the plywood decking.

Call several roofing companies in Colorado Springs

You should always get a second opinion on whether or not to discard the existing layer of roofing materials. Call several roofing companies in Colorado Springs for a free inspection and they will check everything out thoroughly. Get the roof inspection findings in writing so you can make an educated decision based on the evaluation. You should know, though, that a new roof will have a much lower life expectancy when placed on existing shingles as opposed to directly on the plywood. In today’s housing market this can have a negative impact on a sale’s price if you are considering putting your home on the market. If you are going to live in your home for many years potentially, it’s always best to think conservative and long term. Ask yourself this question; if I were getting new carpet in my home would I remove the old carpet or leave it in and just re-carpet over the old? You know the answer without thinking more than two seconds. That being the case, credible roofing companies in Colorado Springs will always recommend tearing off the old roof.

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